On Trustees’ Week, CVS Inverclyde is thanking our trustees, and all Inverclyde trustees, for the incredible contribution they make to our charities, voluntary groups and communities.

⭐ Pamela Jamieson-Smith (Chairperson)
⭐ Paul Brooks (Vice Chair)
⭐ Claire Sinnet (Treasurer)
⭐ Graham Gardiner (Trustee)
⭐ Andrea Wyllie (Trustee)

CVS Inverclyde CEO, Charlene Elliott, said: “We want to say a huge thank you to our trustees for their ongoing commitment and dedication to CVS Inverclyde. Our trustees have varied professional and personal backgrounds – each one makes a valuable contribution to the board and is passionate about strengthening the community and voluntary sector in Inverclyde.

“The Board are essential to the running of any charity, but they offer an incredible range of talent, expertise and advice.

“Everyone has something they can offer a Board; you don’t need to have a specific type of background or experience.

“We’re always looking to expand and diversify our Board membership and we are keen to hear from underrepresented groups such as young people and ethnic minorities.”

All week CVS Inverclyde has shared stories and messages of thanks from local third sector organisations – read more on Inverclyde Life’s Community Spotlight Blog.

Find out more about our Trustees on the About Us page.

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