CVS Inverclyde hosted an event to thank its volunteers as part of the annual week-long Volunteers’ Week1 campaign.

CVS Inverclyde volunteers are currently working in vaccine clinics to welcome and assist patients. We’re also recognising the many Isolate and Support volunteers who supported vulnerable people during the pandemic.

The theme of this year’s Volunteers’ Week campaign is ‘celebrate and inspire’ and we invited our volunteers for a coffee and a cake where we presented Kindness Awards to recognise the incredible contribution they make to Inverclyde.

CVS Inverclyde Volunteer Coordinator, Caroline Johnstone, said: “there’s not enough we can do to show our appreciation to volunteers and what they give to our communities. We were so pleased to welcome our volunteers and present them with Kindness Awards. It was a small act but we hope it shows that we recognise and value our volunteers.

“It was brilliant to hear stories of their volunteering experience and what they gained and how they help others.

“Volunteers in Inverclyde give so much to our communities and support a wide range of organisations. Volunteers’ Week is all about celebrating their inspirational contribution.

“A few people, helping with small acts of kindness, makes our communities better places to live.”

Margery Canning is a meet and greet volunteer at vaccine clinics in Inverclyde. Her friends told her about the volunteer opportunity: “within a few weeks I was in on a Saturday night which I loved. Right from the word go I thought this is what I need: out the house, meeting all these different people, and helping them.

“I always try and explain to people: although you’re doing good, it’s such a benefit to yourself, you do benefit personally but you don’t look on it as a sacrifice because you’re using your time to benefit other people.”

Marilyn McLaughlin is a vaccine clinic volunteer: “it’s been great, I’ve met lots of people. I can wonder through Greenock now and people stop and say hello. It’s nice when you can go past people and they smile and they nod to you.

“Try it. Just try it. You might find you make new friends; you might find that you’ve got skills you didn’t realise you had – just try it and find out. And if it doesn’t work for you walk away. But you can get a hell of a

lot out of it for yourself never mind what you’re doing for other people.”

You can make a difference in your community and discover the benefits of volunteering, visit Volunteer Inverclyde and browse the opportunities:

Do you know someone that deserves to be recognised for their kind deeds or words, even something small? Nominate them for a Kindness Award:

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