A large mail out can be a stressful and time-consuming process.  Sticking hundreds of stamps onto your envelopes is often the last thing you can be bothered doing when you've already tested your patience filling those envelopes with your invitations, newsletters or reminders. 

To make it more frustrating Royal Mail prices for stamps have shot up over the last few years meaning your mailout has become increasingly expensive to do - frustrating when money is harder to get and you want to do other things with it.

Fortunately CVS Inverclyde offers a franking service for third sector organisations.  Just bring your mail to us with no stamps on it.  We will frank it and deliver it to the sorting office for you.  Because of our modern franking machine it saves both time and money - saving you around 10% on the cost of stamps.

Prices are below for common mailing items.  Please note that we only deliver small runs (under 250 items) to the post office on a Friday, your mail needs to be with us by 5pm on Thursday.  Large runs can be arranged for any day; you do need to book this.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to discuss further.

Mail Item Stamp Price CVS Franking Price Saving (p) Saving (%)
2nd Class Small Letter 53p 48p 5p 10%
2nd Class Large Letter (under 100g) 73p 66p 7p 10%
2nd Class Large Letter (under 250g) £1.24 £1.17 7p 10%
1st Class Small Letter 62p 56p 6p 10%
1st Class Large Letter (under 100g) 93p 84p 9p 10%
1st Class Large Letter (under 250g) £1.24 £1.17 12p


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