Extraordinary young people in Inverclyde are setting a new trend: uplifiting their community with kind deeds and words! 

The Kindness Awards highlights every day kind actions that make Inverclyde a caring place to live, even small acts which make a big difference.

Many young people have been nominated and received their Kindness Award and every day more nominations come in. 

If you would like to nominate yourself or someone you know for an act of kindness, read more here.

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Let’s have a look at some of the recent young award winners!

Rory McNulty

Rory is 9 years old. He tells us his kindness story.

“In 2021 while I was being home schooled, my primary 3 teacher set the class tasks to complete for A Random Act of Kindness Day. There was lots of ideas for us to choose from and I saw there was one that said give to a charity of your choice.

“I asked my mum was there any charity I could donate to and my mum said she seen on Facebook Compassionate Inverclyde were looking for donations of creme eggs for their easter appeal. I really liked this idea.

“I went out that day with money I had saved up and went and bought lots of boxes of creme eggs and took them up to the hospital.

“I decided this year again I wanted to do the same so for a few weeks I saved up my pocket money and went and bought even more boxes of creme eggs.

“I have did this act twice now because I didn’t want anyone left out at Easter Time and wanted to cheer them up a bit with an Easter Treat, so in a way I am playing the hospitals Easter Bunny.”

Taylor Kitchen

Taylor Kitchen was nominated by her mum. Taylor has demonstrated kindness since she was 13 and has raised money to help many local organisations such as buying Easter eggs and food for Compassionate Inverclyde, giving cuddle bunnies to terminally ill children, donating £2501 to children’s cancer charity, Inverclyde food banks and to the homeless centre.

Taylor also won the International title of Miss natural beauty International charity 2022 in Belgium this year.


Laura McCafferty, Stacey Windmill, Heather Mitchell, Julie Scott, Carly Scott, Niamh McAllister, Holly Jordan, Laura Jordan, Hailey McLeod, Hannah McLeod, Riley Windmill, Callan Windmill, Brandon Mitchell, Kyle McCairn, Called McCairn.

Collectively they are known as FUNdraising Inverclyde.

They all live near each other and there is a mix of mums , friends and children who together hold fundraising events to help local charities including schools, Ardgowan Hospice, Compassionate Inverclyde, Man On Inverclyde, children’s hospitals and many others.

The children have listened to the adults and have watched them raise money and help many people so they wanted to get involved and fundraising too. Last year they raised £1022 and bought toys, pjy’s, and toiletries and donated to Woman’s Aid so that families would have some gifts on Christmas morning.

Jill McKane and her daughter Rosannah

Rosannah and her sister Sarah love to help others and they have been really kind to Compassionate Inverclyde more than once making cards and bringing food donations.

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