CVS Inverclyde is Carer Positive

CVS Inverclyde is one of the first local organisations to be awarded the Carer Positive Engaged accreditation, in recognition of its support for carers in its workplace.

Carer Positive, a Scottish Government funded award, is operated by Carers Scotland, which aims to make life better for carers through expert advice, information and support. The Carer Positive Engaged award is the first of three levels recognising that an organisation has awareness of carers amongst its employees, and is committed to carer-friendly policies and working practices. Organisations can progress to a further two levels - Carer Established and Carer Exemplary.

Sue McLintock, Manager of the Carer Positive Awards for Carers Scotland, visited CVS Inverclyde at its Inverclyde Community Hub base in Cathcart Street, Greenock, to present Chief Executive Officer Ian Bruce with the Carer Positive Engaged certificate.

"Caring can impact on people across the whole working age spectrum, although it tends to hit a peak at an age when many employees will have gained valuable skills and experience," said Sue McLintock. "Losing carers from the workforce is not only damaging to individuals and their families, but also damaging to employers and the wider economy.

"As the population ages and number of carers rises, the effects of losing carers from the workforce will grow. It is not only about good employment practice. Evidence shows that supportive practices delivers real benefits to employers, helping them attract and retain staff, increasing productivity and improving service delivery, while reducing stress and sickness absence, positively impacting on staff morale and leading to cost savings.

"Our awards initiative is helping to raise awareness of this and we are delighted to welcome CVS Inverclyde as a Carer Positive Engaged employer."

Commenting on the Carer Positive Engaged award, Ian Bruce said: "As caring becomes part of an increasing number of people's everyday lives, it is important that employers such as ourselves do what we can to support them.

"Carers already contribute hugely to our society with a significant proportion making up our working population. We have been able to evidence that our systems and processes have been developed to support carers and help them balance work with their caring responsibilities, including being a flexible working employer.

"Now we want to encourage other local organisations and businesses to join us and the growing number of Carer Positive employers across the country - adopt policies and practices that ensure a working environment where employees who are carers feel supported to work productively and, crucially, remain with their employer."

Other local Carer Positive Engaged employers include Inverclyde Carers Centre, Inverclyde Council, Inverclyde Community Development Trust and West College Scotland.

Find out more about the Carer Positive initiative

Carer Positive was developed with the support of private, public and voluntary sector organisations in Scotland, with a wide range of employers consulted on its development to ensure it is accessible to organisations of all sizes and across all sectors. Today, over 318,000 employees in Scotland are working in 123 awarded organisations. The application process and resource materials are free of charge.

Find out more about Carers Scotland

With the aim of 'making life better for carers', Carers Scotland gives expert advice, information and support, connects carers so no-one has to care alone, campaigns together for lasting change and innovates to find new ways to reach and support carers.

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