CVSI Awarded Funds to Support Youth Volunteering

CVS Inverclyde has been awarded £8,500 for its new Inverclyde Youth Action (IYA) project from the Year of Young People 2018 National Lottery Fund. The Fund supports initiatives aimed at inspiring young people to lead active lives and encourage positive mental health.

Helping young people 'spark a change' in their lives, the IYA aims to increase access to quality volunteering opportunities for young people, while developing tools and resources that support good practice.

It is part of the organisation's Volunteer Inverclyde programme, which launched in June with, the first dedicated volunteering portal for the area created to support the process for both volunteers and placement organisations.

"Giving young people the confidence to discover more opportunities in life through volunteering is something to which we should all aspire," said Ian Bruce, Chief Executive Officer, CVS Inverclyde. "We know that volunteering is a way for them to gain skills that can be transferred into the workplace - increased confidence and communication, as they benefit from teamwork, take on responsibilities and strengthen their CV in the process.

"Even more fundamental is that the volunteering experience is great for personal gain. It can have an enormous impact on the health and wellbeing of young people and, through them, their wider community. The simple act of assisting others can enhance their social awareness and sense of place, helping young people care more about where they live.

"The award from the Year of Young People 2018 National Lottery Fund has allowed us to forge ahead with our Inverclyde Youth Action project, as we aim to build upon both the quality and quantity of youth volunteering opportunities throughout Inverclyde. Who doesn't want a generation of young people who care and are willing to make a commitment to improve society?"

CVS Inverclyde is now in the process of creating a youth subgroup, which will meet every two months to look at ways to create volunteer opportunities. Working in conjunction with CVS Inverclyde, the IYA team will encourage local voluntary organisations to widen volunteering opportunities. They will also engage with young people in schools and other youth settings to highlight the many benefits of becoming a volunteer.

Our team are currently working remote of the office but can be contacted via individual emails or ...

  • 01475 711733
  • Inverclyde Community Hub            75-81 Cathcart Street          Greenock PA15 1DE

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