National awards for Inverclyde Youth Action

Volunteer Inverclyde, the project created by CVS Inverclyde in 2018 to encourage volunteering locally, said 'farewell and thank you' to its Inverclyde Youth Action (IYA) subgroup, as it presented Saltire Awards in recognition of their achievements. The team are pictured with CVS Inverclyde Volunteer Development Officer, Catriona MacLeod (back left) and Chief Executive Officer Charlene Elliott.

Four short movies shot by Chris Fallen of RIG Arts, along with the Inverclyde Academy Film School, were also premiered at the presentation to highlight the volunteering journey of some of the IYA team. Thanks to funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund, they met regularly during the 18-month programme, helping to develop suitable opportunities for young people to get more involved with their local community through volunteering.

Three of the team, Connor MacLeod (21), his sister Chloe MacLeod (18) and Lauren Stewart (18), are receiving top accolades of Saltire Ambassador Awards, having committed more than 500 continuous volunteer hours. A Saltire Award for 200 hours will also go to Andrew Kinsella (16). Receiving awards for 10 hours and marking their contribution to the IYA filming, is Faye Bain (18) and Andrew's sister and youngest of the IYA volunteers, 12-year-old Carys Kinsella.

The awards are the Scottish Government's way of celebrating, recognising and rewarding the commitment, contribution and achievements of young volunteers in Scotland, aged between 12 and 25.

"Volunteering can make Inverclyde a better place with young people fundamental to that process," said CVS Inverclyde Volunteer Development Officer, Catriona MacLeod, who heads up the VI project.

"We are extremely proud of our IYA subgroup and their achievements and so delighted to be presenting the Saltire Awards, especially the Ambassador Awards, which are only awarded to those who have volunteered more than 500 hours of continual commitment. These are young people who have taken volunteering to the next level, developing skills and strengths through their placements and making a significant commitment with their time.

"We thank Chris and the Inverclyde Academy Film School for their superb films, shot on location across Inverclyde to help bring volunteering to life. We will share these in schools and youth group settings, as well as use them to help get more organisations on board with quality volunteering opportunities. The films will also be seen on the big screen at the Waterfront Cinema during the inaugural Inverclyde Film Festival from Friday 13 to Sunday 15 March."

The Volunteer Inverclyde website encourages more people to have a go by making it far easier for them to learn about local opportunities and the advantages of giving up your time. Volunteering is known to benefit people by helping them gain skills, meet new friends and, generally, make them feel better about themselves, with the experience also handy for university, college or work applications. In turn, volunteers can help organisations perform more efficiently and enhance service delivery, resulting in an all-round healthier society.

The aim for Volunteer Inverclyde is that by 2023 the level of volunteering in Inverclyde will match the current national average, representing a 2% increase from the current 25% of people volunteering to 27%. By 2028, the aim is for Inverclyde to be in the top quarter of local authority areas in Scotland, which is currently a minimum of 32%.

More information on Volunteer Inverclyde and the Saltire Awards is available by contacting Catriona MacLeod at CVS Inverclyde, T: 01475 711733, E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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