COVID-19 vaccine - Voluntary Health Scotland survey

Voluntary Health Scotland (VHS) survey exploring the barriers and enablers to accessing the COVID-19 vaccine

We would like to identify who you think the vulnerable demographics are who for a range of reasons may not access the vaccine, even if they are offered it. We would like to identify what those barriers to accessing the vaccine are as well as what can act as an enabler to increase vaccine uptake. We would also like to hear what organisations think about the public facing communication so far regarding the vaccination programme and how this could be improved? We are also interested in hearing about the role of the voluntary and community sector is already playing in supporting the vaccination programme, what more can be done and what resources (financial or otherwise are required).

It is important that there is maximum uptake of the COVID-19 vaccine and this requires equitable delivery and an understanding of the unintended barriers and inequalities faced by our population, especially our most vulnerable demographics.

The term vaccine hesitancy has been used widely in the discussion around uptake of vaccines, however, it is important to unpack this term and what it means in reality. We understand that all 'hesitancy' in relation to vaccines is not the same and in fact it is a spectrum of issues. Vaccine hesitancy can be seen as a health literacy issue, and can also be aligned to the natural hesitancy faced in light of new technologies or developments, where people can have reasonable concerns about things such as safety. Vaccine hesitancy could also result from or be perpetuated by the range of social, economic and health inequalities faced by the Scottish population and the barriers they pose to people accessing services and healthcare.

You can access the survey here

We will be feeding the information that we gather into the Public Health Scotland Evaluation of the Flu Vaccination COVID Vaccination (FVCV) programme and also the Scottish Government COVID-19 Vaccination Programme.

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