Inverclyde Artist in Residence – 12 months

The residency is open to artists who live, already work or are inspired to work or build new relationship with Inverclyde. We are seeking proposals from experienced artists and creative practitioners that work in any or multiple mediums.

We are open to joint proposals, or those from groups for, but would want to hear how this might impact on the financial support for the individual freelancers involved.


An exciting opportunity has arisen for an experienced artist or creative practitioner to take up a 12month supported Artist in Residency in Inverclyde as part of Creative Scotland’s Culture Collective.


Creative Scotland with Scottish Government emergency COVID-19 funds launched the Culture Collective pilot programme to support creative practitioners, organisations and communities to work together across Scotland to help shape the future of local cultural life.

The programme focus is on community engaged creative activity, supporting 26 lead organisations in Scotland working collaboratively to develop ways of responding to the impacts of the ongoing pandemic and establish a network of creative practitioners, organisations and communities, working together to create a positive difference locally and nationally in response to COVID-19. Full list of recipients here:

Located on the west coast of Scotland, Inverclyde is arguably one of the most attractive places in Scotland to live, work and visit. The area enjoys beautiful scenery, excellent transport links, some of the best walking and sporting activities in Europe and one of the best schools estates in Scotland. A strong sense of community identity exists within Inverclyde and to local neighbourhoods in particular. Local citizens are rightly proud of their area and its history, which is steeped in centuries of maritime and industrial endeavour. However, the area is subject to a high degree of de-population, and a lack of local employment opportunities and other markers of multiple deprivation are the main causes of this. Deprivation levels vary significantly across the area with residents in Greenock and Port Glasgow experiencing some of the worst income inequality in Scotland.

- Inverclyde Culture Collective Lead Partners are:

- Inverclyde Council:

- RIG Arts:

- The Beacon:

- Inverclyde Youth Theatre (Kayos):

- CVS Inverclyde:

Inverclyde Council and lead partners have extensive experience in supporting and stimulating artists to develop their own ideas through provocation. Inverclyde has previously delivered cultural place making projects such as The Place Partnership (2014-17) and Great Place Scheme (2018-20). The Inverclyde ‘Arts Sub-Group’ – is an open forum made up of local arts organisations and creatives, facilitated by the Creative Producer who oversees Inverclyde’s Arts & Creativity Strategy (2017). Across 2020 this group have collaborated to create an ‘Arts Action Plan’ – priorities planned into 2021-2023 that set out ways of improving outcomes for the cultural landscape of Inverclyde. Partnership, community, and a collective approach to culture are at the heart of these actions.

Our intention for Inverclyde Culture Collective is to create a context for artists to experiment with alternate modes of sharing practice. Our activity is primarily routed at this stage on test piloting new local partnership and community projects that offer a window into new collaborative ways of working including residency and artist exchange process. There is no pre-determined outcome however there are opportunities for artists and the community to reflect and evaluate across a National Network. This funding will provide a context for both emerging and established artists to push the boundaries of their practice and think about radical solutions to how we can sensitively collaborate and make work with local communities.

Our aim over 18 months is to investigate key areas specific to Inverclyde: health and social care (focus on adult mental health), young people, regeneration of communities, outdoor work and engaging with Inverclyde communities that have low arts engagement and barriers to access.


The residency is open to artists who live, already work or are inspired to work or build new relationship with Inverclyde. We are seeking proposals from experienced artists and creative practitioners that work in any or multiple mediums.

We are open to joint proposals, or those from groups for, but would want to hear how this might impact on the financial support for the individual freelancers involved.


Inverclyde is unique as it’s a place where the arts connect strongly with communities and are recognised at all levels. The pandemic has fuelled communities to come together in solidarity and revalue how arts can contribute to our wellbeing. Throughout the 12 months the Inverclyde Artist in Residence will work across the breadth of the local authority area, to embed themselves within the artistic fabric of their local community enabling them to have deeper relationships. It will enable them to achieve a step-change in who they are reaching with their work and how, creating a strong foothold for future working. We hope that this residency will empower and mobilise ‘future implementers’ who may not previously have had the confidence to instigate creative projects in their community by being able to recognise their own potential as cultural changemakers in the creative future of Inverclyde.

At the core of the project is collaboration and conversation: with residents, community partners, the wider project team and audiences locally and nationally, both in a physical space and online. We will support the artist to connect with local people via partners and through broader community networks. We are looking for an artist who is committed to their work and want to be part of making a difference. The main aims for the Inverclyde Artist in Residence are to enable them to:

  • Have paid work to sustain themselves through a residency whilst being supported by an existing cultural infrastructure.
  • Creative freedom to invest in their own artistic practice, research and development.
  • Experiment with dynamic ideas, partners, and locations to create extraordinary art with and make it accessible to communities.
  • Explore new ways of collaborating with communities in a process led and co-creating capacity including celebrating the voices often unheard in Inverclyde.
  • Celebrate people’s resilience and amplify grassroots work.
  • Respond to our Inverclyde Culture Collective themes of: health and social care (focus on adult mental health), young people, regeneration of communities, outdoor work and engaging with Inverclyde communities that have low arts engagement and barriers to access.
  • Be connected and supported by the other local and national Culture Collective projects, bringing together creative practitioners, organisations and communities from across Scotland to share and learn from each other.


Shared learning, support for artists, groups and organisations is a crucial element of Inverclyde Culture Collective activities. Valuing and sharing what is working, enriching and creative across all community arts work in Inverclyde is important for raising and recognising its profile. The message that Inverclyde can be a creative place or something positive needs to reverberate. We hope that the Inverclyde Artist in Residence will be strategically positioned to contribute culturally to the regeneration of the area by feeling empowered to think imaginatively about local challenges. The Inverclyde Artist in Residence will contribute to monitoring, documentation and evaluation through the following means:

  • Support the documentation of the residency by using agreed methods which will be shared on specific online platforms, on social media and in other digital or print materials which promote awareness of the project and contribute to its ongoing legacy.
  • Regular meetings, in person and remotely, within the project team for reporting and sharing of experiences to support a reflective approach to project delivery. This will connect to all the Culture Collective organisations to enhance the learning benefits and new methodologies Scotland-wide.
  • Share research and process on public platforms and undertake promotion and publicity activities to extend project reach and attend national network meetings and events, as required.
  • Compile feedback and evaluation about the project from a wide range of sources including, partner organisations, participants and audiences to demonstrate a sustained commitment to sharing resources and peer to peer networking support.
  • Feed into frameworks for longer term strategic partnership. At this time of transition for Inverclyde we will conduct a combination of online meetings and sector e-surveys that will invite the portfolio of artists, stakeholders, communities we work with to steer how we might tailor these initiatives in the future.


The Inverclyde Artist in Residence will have access to the relevant experience and skills of the Inverclyde Creative Producer, Culture Collective Activities Coordinator, and our partners including:

  • Support, mentorship and feedback through our local partners and National Culture Collective Network
  • Residency space across our lead partners buildings and studios (as requested)
  • Project delivery and production support
  • Flexible payment and working formats that can be responsive to differing needs and working approaches.
  • Introduction to the existing Cultural Network in Inverclyde (Inverclyde Cultural Partnership, Arts Sub-Group and Arts Action Plan) themes and the collaborative working ethos of the project.
  • Working sessions with other local and National Culture Collective Artists and projects to establish a collective practice for practitioners as a place for visioning and sharing themes across the project. The Creative Producer and Activities Coordinator will facilitate these spaces as a further opportunity for co-creation with communities.


We are looking for proposals from creative practitioners/artists working in any discipline and want to encourage both those who are familiar as well as those who are new to community-engaged methods of working. We are interested in processes that are responsive and adaptive, demonstrate a commitment to collaborative working and give a clear idea of the creative skills and tools you bring to developing this. Key person specifications to include:

  • An artist with an established practice
  • Currently Registered PVG / Disclosure Scotland or willingness to obtain – evidence will be required
  • Knowledge and experience of Digital Guidance, Child and Vulnerable Persons Protection Policies
  • Experience in successful participation evaluation methods
  • Have Public Liability Insurance or willingness to obtain – evidence will be required
  • Experience of writing Risk Assessments
  • Previous experience of working in, or knowledge of, Inverclyde
  • Motivated by a creative approach that engages in research and discussion with people from diverse backgrounds to collaboratively explore ideas through to results.
  • Must have the ability to work both as part of a team and in a self-directed manner, with clear communication and reporting skills.


The Creative Producer, Culture Collective Activities Coordinator, and our partners will support with Risk Assessments and COVID safety procedures - which will be constantly reviewed in relation to Government Guidelines. Although these procedures will be developed in collaboration with the Project Coordinators it will remain a responsibility of the Artist to implement. The Artist must be sensitive to the needs of the community during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The Artist must be able to demonstrate a proactive approach to ensuring the health and safety of colleagues, participants and self. Be aware of appropriate conduct at all times during the post in line with policies on Equalities and Protecting Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults and report any issues or concerns arising during the post to the Project Coordinators in a timely manner.


The Creative Producer, Culture Collective Activities Coordinator, and our lead partners through the Inverclyde Culture Collective Steering Group, and as required to satisfy Creative Scotland’s reporting requirements.


The Residency will run over a 12-month period (approx. 40 days across September 2021 – September 2022) and will require flexible working to suit engagement activities, some evening and weekend work is to be expected. The artist will design and lead on their own work plans as agreed with the Culture Collective Steering Group. Delivery of the contracted days may vary in intensity over the post.


£7,000 Fee – calculated at £175 per day over 40 days:

  • up to 14 days of delivery between Sept 2021 - Jan 2021
  • up to 22 days of delivery between Feb – July 2022
  • up to 3-4 days of reporting and evaluation in August - September 2022

Materials Budget £1,000

Travel costs and Per Diems do not apply to this Residency. There is a separate access budget for all Inverclyde Culture Collective Activities managed by the Creative Producer.


  • Through the project lead partners we have space available (on request) in our Cultural Buildings along with some equipment and resources for use within the Residency
  • Alongside this the artist is expected to have their own equipment relating to their working practice for use on the Residency.
  • The artist must have full Public Liability Insurance and insurance for your own equipment used in the project.
  • This is a freelance contract; the artist is responsible for paying their own tax and NI contributions. Sick pay and holiday entitlement do not apply.
  • We define a creative practitioner/artist as anyone who uses creativity overtly in their work be they visual artists, makers, writers, performers, filmmakers, designers and invite applications from all backgrounds.
  • Experienced artists and practitioners will be expected to have at least 5 years of professional experience.
  • Details of how any personal data collected will be used is set out in the Council’s Privacy Notice which is available at
  • As well as the terms set out herein, all awards shall be made subject to the terms and conditions of the Creative Scotland Grant. Unless otherwise specified by the Council, the successful artist shall comply with the Council’s obligations set out in the said Terms and conditions and the Council shall have the remedies available to the Fund. The successful artist shall ensure that the terms set out herein are imposed on any third party which the Council agrees may assist the artist to deliver the appointment. In the event of any material breach of the terms herein or Creative Scotland’s Terms and Conditions the council shall have the right to terminate and appointment on providing written notice to this effect.
  • The successful artist shall at all times act with reasonable skill and care and in accordance with the law from time to time in force including without limitation Health and Safety, Data Protection, Equalities and undertaking PVG checks where required by the law and the artist shall obtain all necessary licenses and consents.
  • The Council is subject to Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 and the Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations 2004.
  • The Council shall have the right to use any intellectual property rights and materials created during the appointment including without limitation the right to curate, document and present any materials created during and after the appointment and to photograph or otherwise record the materials for marketing, promotion and archiving purposes.
  • The successful artist must obtain the consent of the Council before using, promoting, selling or publishing the results of any work undertaken in connection with or work or outcomes generated by the appointment whether for commercial gain or otherwise.
  • The Council’s prior written consent must be obtained for all publicity, press releases or public announcement regarding the appointment and contribution to the culture collective project. Creative Scotland shall require to be acknowledged in line with the funds Accreditation guidelines.
  • In the event of termination of the appointment, the council shall be entitled to all materials, drawings, artwork, clips, outputs including digital and performance outputs and any other material and documentation created or prepared prior to the date of termination and the successful artist shall co-operate to achieve a smooth transition of the appointment to the Council or any third party appointed by the Council to complete the appointment.


Inverclyd Council, CVS Inverclyde and our lead partners actively encourages people from a variety of backgrounds, ethnicities, gender orientations and stories to join us and influence and develop our working practice. If you require specific access needs to facilitate your application, please get in touch with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.with any queries. The project has a designated Access Budget, please get in touch as soon as possible if you require this application in other formats or if we can make this opportunity more accessible to you. We are open to video/recorded sound applications that address the brief and would encourage those who may have additional access requirements or support needs, both in application or anticipated through delivery of the project, to please let us know what we can do to make this opportunity as accessible as possible.


Applications can be made via written, video or audio submission:

  • Written applications should be submitted using no more than 2 pages of A4.
  • Video or audio applications should cover the points above and be no longer than 5mins long. Please include a link to your video or audio submission and any relevant passwords in your covering email.

Please note all members of the project team are currently working from home so email is the preferred method of contact.

To apply please submit the following to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Contact Details - names, addresses, contact emails, contact telephone numbers and websites or Social Media
  • Who are you and what is your practice - Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your work? You might like to include here themes or questions which shape your work, any connection you have to Inverclyde and any experience you have that is relevant to this opportunity.
  • What would you like to use the residency to explore and how might you do this - this should include an outline of your ideas and enquiries, how you intend to approach this research and where this research sits in relation to your wider practice? We anticipate the residency being an evolving process and would encourage artists to respond to ideas and opportunities as they arise. Bearing this in mind, we would like to understand any initial ideas you have and how you would approach the first few weeks of the residency.
  • How might you engage the local community with your work – and interrogate the key issues and themes of Inverclyde Culture Collective
  • A statement about how working in this way will be important to you at this time; please identify here how a residency and research process will support you in your practice and any barriers you face.
  • A timeline of how you will approach this; including roughly when you intend to start and finish your research (we are aware this may change).
  • Up to 5 images and/or video documentation of your arts practice
  • Confirmation of person(s) specification (see above) 

Deadline - Tuesday 10th August

Applicants will be notified if they are being invited to interview by: Tuesday 24th August.

Short-listed applicants will be invited to interview on: Tuesday 31st August.

We will always send an email acknowledging receipt of any applications. If you do not receive an email, please contact us again.


All applications will be considered by a panel from the Inverclyde Cultural Collective Steering Group. Applications will be assessed on quality of ideas presented, not spelling, grammar or presentation so please don’t worry about the quality of any recordings or the camera skills.

Decisions will be informed by 4 Success Criteria each worth 25%:

  1. The quality and potential of ideas and enquiries presented.
  2. How the bursary will enable the development of artistic practice
  3. Applications will also be reviewed to ensure project timelines are feasible in scope and scale.
  4. We are inviting both local, regional and national applications for this project, however we will be offering opportunities based on a balance between drawing in new perspectives and experience and supporting and growing our regions creative and cultural workforce. We are interested in hearing what skills you will bring and how your work will help share learning and develop experience in your place of residence that lasts beyond the life of the commission.

Prior to commencement, the successful artist shall require to:

  1. Provide a signed copy of the Terms and Conditions of Grant from Creative Scotland;
  2. Proof of public liability and any other insurances requested; and
  3. A recent PVG check

Other notes:

  • We are particularly keen to hear from applicants who can demonstrate a significant connection to relevant catchment areas where creative commissioning opportunities are historically low as well as applicants from under-represented demographics, including but not limited to, those with disabilities, LGBTQ and BAME.
  • An optional Equalities Monitoring Form is included as part of this application. We are committed to ensuring that this project is as accessible as possible for everyone. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the accessibility of the project, please contact us.
  • Assessment forms will be issued to panel members for scoring interviewees and kept for 6 months after interview in line with good practice.

Our team are currently working remote of the office but can be contacted via individual emails or ...

  • [email protected]
  • 01475 711733
  • Inverclyde Community Hub            75-81 Cathcart Street          Greenock PA15 1DE

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