Welcome to Challenge Stigma Training!

This training programme is a partnership initiative between CVS Inverclyde’s Resilience Network and Inverclyde’s Alcohol and Drug Partnership (ADP)​.

On this page you will find 7 modules that focus on the stigma facing people with lived or living experience of problematic alcohol or drug use and their families.

Please note these points to help you use the training:

  • We recommend viewing the training on your laptop/desktop PC to best view the links and
  • The format of the training is a PDF.
  • Start the training by taking the Pre-Test, work your way through the modules, and complete the training with the post-test.

Learning Outcome 1 – What is Stigma

Learning Outcome 2 – Recognising the Effects and Impact of Stigma

Learning Outcome 3- Stigma in Everyday Situations

Learning Outcome 4 – Identifying Bias and Disrespectful Language & How they Contribute to Stigma​

Learning Outcome 5 – The Language of Kindness

Learning Outcome 6 – Developing the Confidence to Challenge Stigma

Learning Outcome 7 – Challenging Stigma: Resources to Help

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