RESOLVE is one of a number of projects within CVS Inverclyde. It aims to provide clear, friendly advice and support for community groups, voluntary organisations and social enterprises.

We provide groups with a guide to our RESOLVE service, outlining everything that we do. You can download that guide from here.

Our Approach

Creating Ability, not Reliance

The aim in providing support is to create a sustainable difference to your organisation. We hope that while working with us, your group will develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to take on similar tasks in the future. Accordingly we won’t usually do things for you. Instead we will take the time to explain what you need to do. Sometimes that takes longer, but we believe it is time well spent.

Charging for Services

We receive a grant from Scottish Government that covers some of our costs. Unfortunately it doesn’t cover everything, so we may ask if your group can make a contribution for the service it receives.

It may suit you to contribute by paying for the help that you get. We do recognise that you may not be able to afford this. You can instead choose to contribute by volunteering or using your skills and knowledge to help another group. We will discuss this with you when we meet with you.

Equality of Access

We aim to ensure that every group and individual gets the same high quality service from us. We prioritise our work with organisations based upon their need, without reference to their activities, history or ability to pay. We aim to make our services accessible to you, reasonably adapting where, when and how our services are offered to suit your needs.

Health Check

Before we work with you we will usually ask you to complete an organisational ‘Health Check’. Completing the Health Check helps us see what other things you might need help with. You can also opt to have a Health Check even if you haven’t identified any support you need from us. A regular Health Check will help you to keep your organisation running effectively and legally.

Our team are currently working remote of the office but can be contacted via individual emails or ...

  • 01475 711733
  • Inverclyde Community Hub            75-81 Cathcart Street          Greenock PA15 1DE

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